Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Window Display At 'Cadim' Gallery

'Cadim' gallery in the center of Jerusalem is a cooperative of 15 local potters. every month we rotate our place of display so that every one gets a fair exposure. This month is my turn displaying my pots in the window. Hope to have good sales - you are all invited.


Stephen said...

we are creating a list of good pottery blogs from around the world - would you like to be on it? We are www.studiopottery.co.uk and would welcome a link with you. We are the leading British based website for Contemporary Ceramics - enjoyed reading your blog.
Best wishes
Stephen Dee

Nitsan Stern said...

Stephen Hello

thanks for your comment, I'm glad my blog made it all the way to the u.k. I will be happy to link to your website,it's a very impressive one with many talents. Thank's for your interest.
all the best