Thursday, August 28, 2008

Raku Firing

Yesterday on a very hot day, along with two friends - a raku firing. I managed to test only three out of the five glazes I planned. It was a really hot day and a day of much learning. I get reminded that every small detail is important - the height of the shelf in the kiln, the angle of the burner, the amount of oxygen coming in, and the importance of a full gas tank. It's a very intense and powerful experience. Yesterday evening I was sure that my appetite for raku was satisfied for many months, this morning I'm already planning the next firing...
Here are some results:
'gold raku' was the last batch to be fired and an interesting result.

'Dalya's raku' which was applied a bit too thick and did not reach the optimal temperature.

pink raku' that also did not reach the right temperature and did not fully open.


david santos said...

This is ART!!!

Nitsan Stern said...