Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Experimenting With Our Home Fireplace

Winter time, an opportunity for experiments - a biscuit cylinder put in a metal box with some sawdust and placed in our fireplace during a nice and warm evening.


Good reduction, new blue im not sure about, a new batche of cream coloured glaze made too thick, some 'bloating' caused by fast rising of temperature in early stages and so on... each time i open the kiln some more lessons, ideas, disapointment and happy surpraises...

Finishing To Fire Befor The Rain

So far a dry winter with hardly any rain. this monday i was firing knowing rain is on its way. although the kiln is outside and for now there is no roof above it, could not bring my self to 'ask' for it not to rain... finally around 22:00 shut doun the kiln. woke up at 5:00 to the sounds of first drops.

Waiting To Be Glazed

Some tea pots and bottels waiting for their glaze. this is the stage where evrything is posible, all the options are open, who knows what will become of them? what will be their color? how will they look and what feeling will they give us? like when we were young...


resent biscuit fired to 1,000 c. the white pices are from K-129 clay, big grogs, ment for raku firing Im hopping to do soon...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Drying Out Slowly

At last, it's raining outside, some new bowls and tea cups drying out slowly