Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy One Year Blogging !!!!

It has been a year since I started blogging... It began with my thought of sharing with others my journey as a potter. without planning it turned out to be an important tool, helping me to view my work, my rhythm and my deeper thoughts about pottery. Hearing some of your voices and comments throughout this year has given me great joy.

It is not always easy juggling between the importance of being in the moment with your work at the studio and between stopping, arranging and taking a photograph of it for others to share, but I am full of motivation to carry on some more...

These are days of celebration for many people around the world. For us, today is the first day of chanuka and we will be lighting the first candle.

May all your days be happy and filled with light and love ...

Hand Building

Some small hand built plates, I'm thinking some glass combined with the glaze.


Some more test tiles, stoneware and porcelain, waiting for the next firing.

Working Small

I have noticed that when I began my pottery studies I was working with little clay creating naturally only small pots as a beginner. With time the pieces have grown gradually, but as they did I stopped making small ones. last week I decided to go back and make some small boxes made out of 200-500 grams. It was a good experience and I now understand I should play more with different sizes creating a variety of small, medium and large pieces.


So far it has been a warm and sunny winter with very little rain. A batch of mug handles has dried up too fast, by the time I began attaching them it was too late, I had to start again and make a fresh batch - timing is important.