Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Mom's Prints

trying to think of a way in which i can cooperate some of my mom's great and endless talent into my work - an old print made by her, inspires me to apply it somehow onto my work...

Latest Firing

some containers, incense burners, tea cups and more

Exhibition At Bat Shlomo Gallery

During December and January (2008), an interesting ceramic exhibition focusing on different types of firings. at 'Gallerina' in Bat-shlomo, including some of my works. They are open Thursday - Saturday. for more information you can go into

'CADIM' Ceramics Gallery

my works - mostly functional pottery, wheel thrown, some hand building, traditional glazes including a variety of ash glazes, fired in reduction atmosphere - are exhibited for sale at 'Cadim' gallery, 4 Yoel Salomon st. Jerusalem.

(Meir and me in the reflection of the window)

Our Companions - The Dogs

'Chetz' (the redhead) and 'Beza' (the blond), father and daughter, our companions for some time now. I'm still looking for glazes their color - may be Law Luster?

The Kiln

Also built by Meir, a downdraft kiln, fired by gas. the inside walls a built from bricks covered with a ceramic blanket and helled together with a steel frame. i fire my work to 1250 C with reduction.

The Studio

Small warm and beautiful, built by my partner in life Meir who does many other beautiful outdoor Wood works, you could see more of his work in his blog:
the pictures are from the outside, inside the studio and the view i have from the window

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A New Adventure - Blogging

to share my pottery life: the places it takes me, the process i go through, my learning's with clay, with water, fire and with my heart. to share my journey as a young potter in Israel, a journey which has just began not long ago. to share and grow with you.