Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kfar Vradim Fair

We are coming towards the end of our holiday season which started with the New Year and the fast of Kippur ,followed by Succot and tomorrow Simchat Tora. It is a time of family and many dinners, Autumn rain and fairs. This year I participated for the first time in the 'Kfar Vradim' ceramic fair in the north of the country. It was a pleasure meeting up with the different potters and ceramic artists. A pleasure seeing Aileen Lev and Noa Segal from Yodfat, standing next to the wonderful Ida Michaeli, Dalia Oz and Rachel Stoller, chatting with Meir Mohavan, Marcel Klein, Lori and Sharon, choosing one of my tea cups for Ronit Zur, meeting new and old customers and having the support and company of my dear family. I am beginning the season of winter feeling blessed, full of new ideas and joy - thanks to all of you.

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